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Demetri Martin, a guy who clams to not be gay in any way, shape, or form. Well I think a little differently. I mean dude have you seen his nose? It huge! And I'm not exaggerating, seriously, it's really big and uneven... I think he might be Jewish. But lately it's been bothering me because I think I might be afraid of him. At nights i dream of him torturing me, then tying me up and showing me struggling to break free in one of his lame little skits, and since i'm on TV everyone thinks i'm an actor. Then Demetri will make a really dum pun about the way i'm struggling. It frightens me so fucking much. Seriously.

I just don't see how i can stay strong when I see the screwy guys face with his shaggy hair cut and his "WTF" eyes. I feel like he might shank me with his Gordy neon boner. I need my will to live back. I must forget about my past so I can have a future.

(Below) This guy killed my mother, and raped my father... to death... LITERALLY! And I swear on my parents grave that I will destroy him. I have the skills and the blade, now I just have to find this bitch ass mofo cock sucking whore humping dad fucking mother killing ass licking... DOOOORRRRRRK!

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If you don't check it out then your literally gay

2009-02-28 20:13:28 by AgentSmoothie

Ok, so far rEALMS3 is coming along well, me and mrpibbs1 are putting in a small mini game where you have to try and keep your best friend from committing suicide by jumping off a school building. You can choose to insult him and call him a pussy or you can tell him that he has a good life and is very handsome and shit like that. Of course if you call him handsome then everyone will think your gay which is bad unless you ARE gay. Or you can just be an asshole, it might work. What would you say to your friend to prevent him from committing suicide? Well smart guy?

I got laid... sorta

2009-02-27 23:36:41 by AgentSmoothie

One time I was in th park and I saw this really gay looking couple, so I took a picture of them and there faggier baby troll. I followed them home and the girl of the couple saw me following them, so I saw she said something to her husband and he went inside, when she came over to me she just looked at me, then suddenly she unzipped my pants and we started making love right there in the side walk. She rocked my cock... sorta. But it was a good Friday that day.

I got laid... sorta

DON'T READ THIS! Unless you want to, I don't really care

2009-02-05 20:29:18 by AgentSmoothie

Ha ha haaa! Sorry, I just titled it that to get your attention. Me and my buddies are making the game rEALMS3 and we're currently looking for ideas to put into this point and click game. We put in a bunch of things we think you might like but we wanted some new ideas since school has been making us use our brain power for "learning" hence us having this large chain of brain farts. So any ideas? If you want to check out any of the previous realms games then go the the newgrounds search engine, pick author instead of title and put in mrpibbs1, it'll show his games realms 1 and realms 2.

rEALMS3, check it

2009-02-03 19:24:59 by AgentSmoothie

So far rEALMS3 it coming along smoothly, we've added a lot of thing that we think you might be interested in. I'm not the author of the realms series, mrpibbs1 is, but I'm basically the game/level designer, that's not important though. I would say we're about 2/3rds of the way done. But I got an open minded idea. What do you guys want in a point and click game? The best way to make a game that somebody likes is to add what they would want. So if you feel like being a helpful Henry/Hannah then just pitch your ideas via commenting on this post. And if the people behind the realms series (mrpibb1, TMleader, lucifer333, and AgentSmoothie) like you idea(s) then we'll notify you and try 'em out. Thanks

please Check out my music.

2008-09-05 20:26:47 by AgentSmoothie

I only have two songs and I'm new here. But please go to my profile and check it out. I only have two reviews on each song and I just want people to hear it. I think at least most of the people who will listen to it will like it^_^. So please review and vote, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

That's right. My first flash submission is coming out soon. The title will be "What is a gay?". It's really old (Made about two years ago) and I never got a chance to show it to people, but even though I'm not that good and flash, I still think you guys would like it. And if it IS somehow offensive to gay people then I apoligize. But please don't expect too much from it, it's a simple black and white color and it's just meant to be really silly. Right now I would say it should be out in about a week( I need to put some finishing touches on it) but I'm not making any promisis.

It you vote a five on my music then i'll vote a five on yours^_^. Just tell me which songjavascript:MakeSmileySelection(13)