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I got laid... sorta

2009-02-27 23:36:41 by AgentSmoothie

One time I was in th park and I saw this really gay looking couple, so I took a picture of them and there faggier baby troll. I followed them home and the girl of the couple saw me following them, so I saw she said something to her husband and he went inside, when she came over to me she just looked at me, then suddenly she unzipped my pants and we started making love right there in the side walk. She rocked my cock... sorta. But it was a good Friday that day.

I got laid... sorta


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2009-02-27 23:38:08

seriously, look at that chicks fucking face. Looks like she's got some kind of mental disease, sorry to hear about you cock....

AgentSmoothie responds:

Don't worry about me. I'll live.


2009-02-27 23:38:12

wow, she really shoed you

AgentSmoothie responds:

I know right?


2011-06-15 20:55:22

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