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rEALMS3, check it

2009-02-03 19:24:59 by AgentSmoothie

So far rEALMS3 it coming along smoothly, we've added a lot of thing that we think you might be interested in. I'm not the author of the realms series, mrpibbs1 is, but I'm basically the game/level designer, that's not important though. I would say we're about 2/3rds of the way done. But I got an open minded idea. What do you guys want in a point and click game? The best way to make a game that somebody likes is to add what they would want. So if you feel like being a helpful Henry/Hannah then just pitch your ideas via commenting on this post. And if the people behind the realms series (mrpibb1, TMleader, lucifer333, and AgentSmoothie) like you idea(s) then we'll notify you and try 'em out. Thanks


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