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My first flash movie submission

2008-08-20 23:53:28 by AgentSmoothie

That's right. My first flash submission is coming out soon. The title will be "What is a gay?". It's really old (Made about two years ago) and I never got a chance to show it to people, but even though I'm not that good and flash, I still think you guys would like it. And if it IS somehow offensive to gay people then I apoligize. But please don't expect too much from it, it's a simple black and white color and it's just meant to be really silly. Right now I would say it should be out in about a week( I need to put some finishing touches on it) but I'm not making any promisis.


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2008-08-20 23:54:25

Awesome dude cool

AgentSmoothie responds:

Is that really all you have to sayT_T?


2008-08-20 23:58:00

Okay, fine. You're a douche. Happy??

AgentSmoothie responds:

Shut up penis nose!


2008-08-22 07:51:02

grats become one of the legion


2008-08-25 02:27:41

what is the agent website again i keep fergetting oh by the way i am agent smith